AWOS - Automated Weather Observation System




AWOS from is a family of real-time weather observation systems specially designed to detect, report and disseminate weather conditions at airports. It intended use is for various sized of airports, ranging from small domestic landing strips or remotely operated airports to large international airports.

We can offer a turn-key solution including sensors, installation, training comissioning etc, or we can offer you just the customized software package and the rest is done by the customer himself or by a 3rd party. We can also offer the sensors preferred by the customer or we can use the sensors existing at the airport today and implement them in the new AWOS system.

Real Time Data from Combitech in Linköping

METAR CABX 241250Z AUTO /////KT //// R01///// R19///// ///////// 06/02 Q0996

Linköping Sweden, Lat: 58.39172, Lon: 15.56505






Lahr Airport Germany orders AWOS7

Complete system including software, hardware and all sensors. Installation planned for Q1 2018

GSM Voice and SMS ATIS

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AWOS Airport weather data:


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