AWOS - Automated Weather Observation System

AWOS is a real-time weather observation system specially designed to detect, report and disseminate weather conditions at airports.

AWOS from Saab Group, is a family of systems intended to be used at different sizes of airports, from small domestic landing strips to large international airports with 4 runways.

We can offer a turn-key solution including sensors, installation, training comissioning etc, or we can offer you just a CD with the software package and the rest is done by the customer himself or by a 3rd party. We can also offer the sensors preferred by the customer or we can use the sensors existing at the airport today and implement them in the new AWOS system.


Real time weather from Combitech Linköping
250/04 KTNSC
METAR CABX 241320Z AUTO VRB04KT //// R01///// R19///// NCD ///// Q1017

2016-08-24T13:37:04 AT CABX
Lat: 58.39172, Lon: 15.56505

2016-08-24 13:37:29

Additional Avinor airports upgrades to AWOS7

Avinor, Norway has ordered a complementary upgrade..

Arvidsjaur upgrades to AWOS7
Arvidsjaur Airport upgrades to AWOS7. Delivery in Q3/Q4-2016.
Order from Avinor, upgrade of 15 airports in Norway

Upgrade from AWOS to AWOS7 will be done after some additional software development.

Delivery will start..

Order from Safegate Gulf LLC
Safegate Gulf LLC has ordered an AWOS7 weather system including sensors and accessories. Delivery will start in the..
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Demo Broadcasts

2016-08-24 13:37:29


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